Business Leader First, Artisan Second:

The Evolving Role of the CMO

Venue: 34 Mayfair Restaurant, W1K 2HD

Thursday 26th July 2018 – 6:30-9:30PM

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The Kite Club is a network of senior b2b marketing executives working within the world’s most innovative businesses. We collaborate on the issues our community are facing and bring practical insights and ideas to your challenges. Membership is free and by invitation only. [more]

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The Discussion

Why Business Comes First, and Craft Comes Second


Last year Coca-Cola, arguably the most recognised brand in the world, restructured its marketing department, making its CMO redundant in favour of a Chief Revenue Officer. 


One-by-one we’ve seen large and small organisations following this trend, appointing roles such as Chief Customer Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Digital Officers and Chief Experience Officers.


What’s happening here? 


The answer is two-fold. As digitalisation hits maturity for most large enterprises, marketing enters a new era of AI, big data, tech-governed CX and highly granular visibility of metrics. Specifically, the coupling of revenue responsibility with an ever-lengthening customer experience cycle, means a huge expansion of the traditional marketing domain – forcing the CMO to become a business leader first, and an artisan second.


The role of the CMO has been in constant flux since its inception in the 1980s. But, what’s new in recent years is the increasing scope of subject areas that could, even should, fall under the marketing umbrella.


So, is this an indication of the growing importance of marketing in the organisation— or is it a threat?


But, we’ve also got our eye on a complementing trend: CMOs becoming CEOs. Indeed, Elisa Steele at Jive Software, Jay Farner at QuickenLoans, and Susan Lintonsmith at Quiznos have all made the leap — breaking from the tradition of promoting finance, sales and operations to the top role.


Harvard Business Review cites two ideal outcomes for CMOs. First, as the above examples show, CMOs could move up, taking on management of all growth-oriented functions as President or CEO.  Secondly, the CMO could retain the title, but take on increasing ownership over emerging areas of the customer life cycle, thus increasing their domain.


Forward-thinking marketing leaders will be orienting toward one of these two courses. But, how do you identify the right path? Where are top-performers drawing the line between the day-to-day mandates of the role and strategic initiatives? And, why are many CMOs in the tech sector specifically choosing to make CEO-alignment their top strategic initiative?


If this topic is on your radar, you need to join the Kite Club as we put these important questions to our independent keynote speaker and experienced panel of experts on Thursday, 26 July.

Members Include:

SVP Marketing at Dell

Global Marketing Director, Bluefin

Director of Marketing, OpenLink

EMEA Business Director, Extensis

Marketing Director, AVEVA

Marketing Director, Advantage Business Systems

VP Business Banking Marketing, Barclays

Head of Go to Market, SAS Software

Marketing Director, Charles Taylor

Head of UK&I Field Marketing, Verizon

Marketing Director, UK/I, Basware

and others…

Senior Director, Field and Channel Marketing, FireEye

Marketing and Alliance Director, Viadex

Head of EMEA Marketing, Act-On Software

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The Emin Room at the 34 Mayfair

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